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Susan Ann Palmer is a spiritual teacher and healer of many years experience.

She aims to spread the Light where ever she can, whether it is through this web site, via workshops or on an individual one-2-one session. She believes that each person is an unique soul, experiencing a life incarnated as a wonderful human being. Susan Ann empowers others and helps them on their own, special, unique spiritual journey.

She helps others to remember 'who they are'.

What are angels?, How to ask for help, angel qualities, guardian angels, Archangels, signs and symbols and
much more.

Enter the angelic realms HERE
  What is Ascension? Who are the Ascended Masters and how can they help us? Various ascension techniques.

Towards ascension HERE.
The Camino
In 2005 Susan Ann walked 500 miles across northern Spain, following the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.
A life changing experience.

Follow her journey HERE
  Susan Ann is interested in many esoteric topics, auras, crystals, 2012, sacred geometry, sacred sound, labyrinths and much more.

Explore this fascinating world HERE.
  Self Study Courses
Many items to help you on your
ascension journey: pictures, angel figurines, crystals etc.

Enjoy some retail therapy HERE
  Online, web-based self study angel course, or the same course in a beautiful presentation folder.

Learn in your home HERE
Susan Ann Palmer
Read about Susan Ann and the
therapies she can offer or contact her.

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