Crystal Therapy

The art of 'laying on the stones' goes back thousands of years. There are references in the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans and ancient Chinese and in the Bible to gemstones being used by priests and kings. Gemstone amulets have been worn for eons to protect, bring health and luck.

Science recognises that quartz has the ability to produce an electrical charge when heat or pressure is applied and the whole of our modern computer industry is based on the properties of crystals to receive, store and transmit information. Biology also recognises that a cell responds when a charge or heat is applied - it moves or multiples. It is therefore quite feasible that when a crystal is placed on a human body,(and therefore receiving a small amount of pressure on its surface), could produce a micro amount of charge which could influence a cell. This has not been proven by 'modern science' and little, if no money is forthcoming for research into how crystal therapy works.

During a crystal therapy healing session your issues and concerns are firstly discussed. Since it is an holistic therapy where your whole being is taken into account, physical, emotion and mental issues are covered. Appropriate crystals are selected by dowsing or intuition and placed on and around you whilst lying on the couch (fully clothed, except shoes), gentle, relaxing music is played in the background. Your are then left for up to 20 minutes whilst the crystals work with you. During this time you may feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm. As healing begins you may have a sense of tingling, warmth or of slight movement. Glimpses of old, forgotten thoughts and memories may surface are they pass by for healing.

After the crystals are removed, you are gently encouraged to return to an active waking consciousness and your experiences are discussed. You may be offered a crystal to take home, to wear, or to have under your pillow to continue the healing process. Usually you are left with a sense of calm and relaxation after the session.



Crystal Therapist Master Teacher (2010)
Crystal Therapist Practitioner (2010)
Crystal Therapist (level one) (20090

All qualifications are from Eloise Bennett:
Master Crystal Teacher trained by Phillip Permutt.






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Crystal Healing
Consultation Fees

For adults over 18 years of age only

First appointment: 1.5 hours, £40
(Extra time to allow a full case taking).

Follow-up appointments are 1 hour: £40

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