Archangel Sandalphon


~ Sandalphon means 'co-brother' or 'one who wears sandals before the Almighty'

~ Had a human incarnation as Elijah

~ Patron Angel of Music and Heavenly Song

~ Guardian over the Earth Kingdom

~ Decides the gender of an embryo

~ Brings the blueprint of life to Earth and therefore guards you on your life's path

~ The tallest of all the angels

~ Twin brother of Archangel Metatron


Sandalphon (also Sandalphon or Sandalphon) is believed to have been a sarim or angelic prince. He was originally Elijah, the prophet of Israel. It is said that he was carried to heaven in a burning chariot by a whirlwind, while still alive. It was at this point that he became Sandalphon. As Sandalphon he holds a position in the angelic hierarchy behind Merkabah - the heavenly chariot.

There are various reports about the appearance of Sandalphon. He is supposed to the tallest of all angels. Mosses once referred to him as the 'tall angel' and was filled with fear at his appearance. It has been said it would take a five-hundred year journey to travel from this feet to his head. Other reports describe him as being of fiery appearance, or made of pure energy, difficult to gaze upon.

In rabbinic tradition, Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron and in fact one meaning of the name Sandalphon is 'co-brother'. Both Metatron and Sandalphon carry the prayers of people to God. Another meaning of his name is ' one who wears sandals before the Almighty': a reference to his humbleness in bringing forward the prayers of humanity. Sandalphon makes a garland of the prayers of the faithful and places this around the neck of the Lord. You can call upon Sandalphon to convey your prayers on your behalf. In Longfellow's poem 'Sandalphon', where he is described as being the Angel of Glory, Angel of Prayer, Longfellow describes this process as follow:

"And he gathers the prayers as he stands,
And they change into flowers in his hands
Into garlands of purple and red:
And beneath the great arch of the portal,
Through the streets of the City immortal,
Is wafted the fragrance they shed."

In Kabbalist tradition he is Guardian of Malkuth, the very bottom sphere on the tree of life and without his permission you cannot venture up the tree. This position also means he is Guardian of the earth and keeper of the rules of the earthly kingdom, bringing harmony to the nature elements. We can therefore call upon him to help ground us and when help is required for the healing of the earth. He can help us communicate with elemental energies. He is guardian of the Earth Star chakra, a few inches beneath the soles of our feet. Sandalphon is also Master of Heavenly song and Patron Angel of Music, bringing the gift of music into the minds of men.  He is responsible for bringing the original blueprint of humanity and all beings in the physical world into existence and so can also act as guide, helping steer you in the right direction.

Sandalphon is credited with being in charge of a number of different heavens according to different sources: the forth heaven in Islamic tradition, the sixth heaven according to the 3 rd Book of Enoch and the seventh heaven according to the Zohar. He works along side Archangel Michael fighting relentlessly against the dark powers of Satan, reintegrating the separateness and chaos, returning it to harmony. The Kabbalists believe he is responsible for deciding the gender of a baby in the embryo stage. Therefore call upon Sandalphon to help if a particular sex of a baby is desired, before conception takes place.


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