Asking for Help from the Angels

Only humans have free will. The angels follow Divine Will. They are therefore unable to assist, unless we ask for their help. We can ask for help for:


Other People



The whole world

Ask the Angels

When we ask, if we ask under the Law of Grace, then that allows for something greater or better than we imagined to take place, if appropriate. Also if asking for others or for a country in strife etc, it is more ethical just to ask the angels to enfold the situation in their wings, surrounding it in love and peace for the highest good of all. Only God knows what is truly required in the situation. If for example we ask for somebody's illness to be taken away, we may be asking for the most important lesson of their lifetime to be removed from them. It is more appropriate to ask for the angels to enfold them in love and peace. The person will take from this energy that which they need.

In Britain especially, many find it hard to ask for what they want. Many have been raised in a culture that says it is wrong or rude to ask, but we must learn to over come this if we want the angels to help us.

It is OK to ask for the little things in life, as well as the big things. The angels don't mind. If we become accustomed to our small requests being answered (such as asking for a car parking space) then that gives us faith and confidence in knowing that assistance will be given for the bigger requests e.g. peace in the Middle East.

Angels will also respond to cries from the depth of the soul. This is very rare and comes from a space of surrender. This may occur in times of great life challenge, such as divorce, despair, grief etc or in an 'emergency' situation:

Many years ago I was driving in the outside lane of the motorway, when a van in front swerved into the middle lane, revealing a stationary car that I was rapidly speeding towards. I called out from the heart for the angels to help me. It was if a giant hand was placed on the front of the car. I stopped with only inches to spare. I cried out again as the car behind loomed upon me. He swerved into the narrow gap between my car and the central reservation. We were all shaken, but no one was hurt and not a scratch on the cars. It wasn't my time to be in a car accident or to pass over.


How to ask

•  Angels do not respond for demands from the ego.

•  Either sit quietly and pray from a centred space, calmly and for the highest good.

•  Or invoke angels on the ray of compassion. So pray with passion with your heart open for the desired outcome.

•  Or be very clear about what you want so that the angels respond under the Law of Clarity.


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