Your Guardian Angel

We each have a guardian angel that remains with us throughout all our life times. We also have a birth angel that is assigned to us for just this lifetime and others may be close to us to assist with a particular project, such as writing a book, or for a specific period of our life.

Our Guardian angel is always at our side. When in times of challenge and difficulty we may think we have been deserted and feel alone, our guardian angel remains with us, but our attention and energies may be else where, making close contact difficult.

Guardian angels hold our Divine blueprint and may gently nudge in the right direction or drop thoughts into our minds, giving us inspiration. They also protect us and keep us from harm. They do not stop us from dying: we all have to die, but they will intervene if it is not our time.

When we are in meditation, feeling relaxed and calm, we can call upon our Guardian angel to draw close to us. We may be given their name, which may be a name that is flamboyant and very angelic sounding, or something relatively ordinary and straightforward. I met someone who had a Walter and someone else an Eric. Occasionally a Guardian Angel may be called Michael, Gabriel or Raphael or the name of one of the other mighty Archangels. This doesn't mean it is the actual Archangel that is your Guardian Angel; it means they are working on the same vibration as the Archangel. In the same way that in real life there are hundreds of people called John, but it doesn't mean they are all John the Baptist. The name you get for your Guardian Angel is a vibration that is right for you and helps to create a more personal relationship.



Visualisation to Meet your Guardian Angel

This visualisation is available as a printable pdf file. Please click HERE to download.

•  Set the scene: somewhere quite and peaceful where you won't be disturbed. Light a candle and play soft relaxing music. Perhaps be outside in nature.

•  Focus on your breathing for a few minutes, relaxing your body. Visualise small golden roots going from your feet into the earth, grounding you.

•  Ask that the whole of your being, physical and aura be filled with golden angelic light.

•  Imagine yourself entering your perfect garden; see the flowers, birds, insects, animals, grass, shrubs, trees and water features.

•  Walk through the garden until you find a comfortable place to sit: a stone bench, a pagoda or a wooden seat -whatever is right for you.

•  In your mind call forth your Guardian angel and become aware of a magnificent golden being of light standing before you. You may sense colours or a fragrance or a gentle touch of a wing across your face.

•  Your Guardian Angel smiles and greets you warmly. You are old friends. He /she tells you that they always love you and nothing you do will stop them from loving you.

•  Invite your Guardian angel to sit by your side.

•  Have a conversation with your Guardian Angel. Ask their name if it is unknown to you. Ask for advice or guidance for a particular situation. Or they may give you information or a message.

•  Spend a few minutes conversing with your Guardian angel. When it is time to finish, your Guardian Angel may have gift for you, to be placed somewhere in your being on an energetic level, to help you with your future work.

•  Give thanks to your Guardian Angel and allow them to move away from you a little, until the next time, when you are ready to work with them closely once more.

•  Walk back through your garden, returning to where you started.

•  Increase your breathing and become aware of your physical body, back in the room where you began. Visualise your golden roots grounding you into the earth.

•  Spend a few minutes to ensure you are completely back in the physical world. Drink some water and perhaps record your experiences in your journal.



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