Angel Stories

Angel stories always inspire and fill people with wonder.

Over the years, many people have sent me their angel stories and experiences.

Many thanks to all those who have allowed me to use their stories on this page, it is truly wonderful to be able to share your experiences with others.

With angel blessings



Harold Janus, Newcastle NSW Australia

Following the story of Gwendolyn Ward from Bermuda 2010 (see below), I also pray to the great angel of mercy, "ZAMIEL" with excellent outcomes. I live on the east coast of Australia. And most of us have experienced that the weather conditions are becoming more and more severe. We live on a large one acre block of land and have above ground electrical power lines. They were cut by falling branches 5 years ago and again 3 1/2 years ago. Since than, I pray to "Zamiel" each time before or on the onset of inclement  weather. My prayers are more frequent now as the weather seems to have become more horrendous. Mostly, daily, I thank "Zamiel" for all he has done for me, and to me he feels as a friend for ever. Harold


Gwendolyn Ward, Bermuda

I live on a tiny island and worry about hurricanes.  I read that Zamiel is the angel in charge of them so I called on him to protect us during one last year. The next day we found a sea bean* on our lawn, and only an angel could have understood the significance of that to us. Since then I always ask for his protection and sometimes even meditate in the wind and help to calm the energy. I have a special place in my home for communicating with the angels and I place Zamiel's gift in the center of it when there is a hurricane threat.  I worry about them far less now that I am in touch with the angels.

I have to add that after this recent threat form Hurricane Igor, which started out as a Cat 4,  every day I would light a candle on my altar to Zamiel and hold the seabean that he left for us last year.  I also went out and stood on my beach in the howling wind and invoked Zamiel and asked him to calm the storm and to redirect it's path.  By the time the storm reached us, it downgraded to a Cat 1 and veered off course enough to ease us up.  We found another seabean* after ward, too.  And it wasn't exactly the day after, It wasn't until my husband had raked up most of the seaweed off the lawn that he found it.  When he brought it inside to me I was so thrilled!  I said, "I've been wondering where that was!" Because I expected it now, you see.  Amazing!  It has really strengthened my faith in the angelic presence in my life.  I feel boundless now!

* A seabean is a seed from a plant in the Amazon.  We live in Bermuda.  So you can see how rare and special it is to find one here.  I don't know anyone else here who has found one. 


Norma Terry, North Bay, Canada

Recently I underwent a surgical procedure. While I was in the surgical room I had my room fill up with angels who told me what I had made for my family members had resonated to the other side and were now considered Blessings.

One Angel in particular was talking to me telepathically. She was dressed in blue, no wings nor halo but the aura's surrounding her were awesome. Once the surgery was done I went back to my doctor to get the stitches out of my elbow and he was totally amazed by the fact I had full use back in my arm and totally healed up... my Angels. I give thanks to for this and the euphoric feeling that overcame me in the hospital room was one of total unconditional love unlike anything I have ever experienced here on earth!


Susan, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I had to go to the adjacent town to collect a parcel from the Parcelforce depot. I drove the 6 miles, then realised I hadn't brought a map with me and I didn't have a sat nav. All I knew was the depot was on the industrial estate on a side road. I drove around for 10 minutes, unable to find it. I pulled up in a side road, wondering what to do. Shall I drive home and get a map? or continue aimlessly driving around? There was no body about to ask. Eventually I decided to ask the angels to help me and direct me to the depot. Within seconds of asking, a bright red Parcelforce van went past the end of the side road I was parked on. I instantly realised that either it was going to the depot, in which case I could follow it, or it had just left the depot, in which case I knew it was in the direction it had come from. I followed the van! and arrived at the depot within minutes. Thank you angels.


Sarah, Liverpool

I had just returned home form collecting my car from the garage. I felt a bit depressed. I had just spent £600 on some vital repairs and they had informed me it needed at least another £800 work done on important safety parts to get through the MOT. I had only had the car for just over a year and so many things were going wrong. I checked my finances and decided that I had to get a new car. I was going to have to pay out another £800 on it anyway, and could afford a further £600 from my savings - a total of £1400 plus whatever I could get part exchange for my existing car.

I decided to ask the angels to help me. My specifications were: a Peugeot 307, low mileage, 1 owner, good condition, either silver, pale blue or gold in colour and available straight away and within my budget. A bit challenging as such a car is rarely available and is usually snapped up quickly.

I searched on the internet and quickly came up with a suitable car, being sold by a garage only 20 miles away. First thing next morning I phoned, it was still available. I dashed over to the garage, test drove it. It was perfect and ticked all the boxes. The part exchange value I was offered was a little low, but after some negotiation, I got a better price. It fell well within my budget and fitted all my specifications. I am now the proud owner of a gold coloured Peugeot 307, 6 years old, but with only 21,000 miles on the clock. Gold is the colour of the angels, so thank you angels for helping me to get such a wonderful car and so quickly.


Caz, Bedfordshire

I was playing 'I spy' with my 6 year old cousin: Harry. It was his turn. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'a'", ummm..."armchair", "no", "apple", "no". "I'll give you a clue...It's in the sky", ummm... "airplane", "no". "Give in, I win" he said excitedly..."it's an angel!"


Anon, Birmingham , England

A lady was travelling to a part of Birmingham that was unfamiliar to her, to collect a new puppy for her daughter. She became quite lost, unable to find the correct bus stop she needed. She asked the angels for assistance. Eventually a stranger pointed her to the correct place to catch the bus. He was also catching the same bus and it turned out he was getting off at the same place as her and lived on the same street where she needed to go to collect the puppy.


Janet, Scotland

While sitting at night, I have started to sometimes feel something touch my head, my hair actually moves, just at my crown. I have only been contacting and interested in Angels for around 7mths. Tonight as I was reading your Angel Stories, I felt my head being touched again, but much stronger, I also received an e-mail while reading,and when I checked the mail, it was from a newsletter I subscribed to called ......"Angels Speak!!!" I also found a very small, perfect white feather in my bedroom ,lying on the floor that I had earlier swept and mopped, the Angels have certainly got my attention now! Thank You Angels!!


Agnus, Johannesburg, South Africa

Whilst I was in South Africa during the summer, a wonderful lady called Agnus told me this lovely story. At one time she was living in a challenging neighborhood, with much crime. One day she received a phone call from an un-known man. He admitted that he had being trying to break in to her house for several days. He had phoned to find out what kind of magic she was using to protect her house, as every time her approached the building there was a huge man with a sword! Agnus has been invoking Archangel Michael to protect the property.


Ann, Kent, England

My 18 year old daughter Nicki has recently been very ill. After taking her to the doctor for an early evening appointment, we were sent straight to the Acute Assessment Unit of the local hospital. At the best it was acute pleurisy, but because of the onset of the sudden, severe symptoms, a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism was suspected. Very frightening for both of us.

At one time whilst we were waiting for the blood and chest x-ray results she went off to sleep. I spent about an hour surrounding her with angels, sending her reiki etc and filling the hospital with angels. When Nicki awoke, she was feeling much better and instantly said she had had a lovely dream. She dreamt that she had to stay in hospital for the night (which was a possibility at that stage) and I had gone home. There was a huge white angel at the end of her bed. Very handsome with a lovely smile. He then came and sat in the chair at the side of her bed and held her hand through the night, until I returned in the morning. Nicki had no idea I had been sending her angels for the last hour. I think she met her Guardian angel - she was delighted when I told her. We both felt calmer and an inner knowing that all would be well.

The test results came back and it was a severe infection and not the life threatening embolism. We were discharged and in time she made a full recovery. We both remember the angel experience with delight.


Sue, England

Yesterday I visited my osteopath for some on going treatment on an ankle injury I sustained a few weeks ago. This morning I woke feeling a little battered and sore. Most days I start the morning with a short meditation and recently a friend gave me a copy of Doreen Virtue's "Daily Guidance from Your Angels" book. After my meditation, I opened the book at random for some inspiration. The page it opened on was: "Send Love to Your Muscles"!!!! It suggested I took time out to ask my muscles what they were trying to tell me and to send them love, gratitude and blessings. The message I got back was 'slow down'. How amazingly appropriate. The angels are certainly giving me guidance at that moment.



My uncle, had been diagnosed with Terminal cancer, and although doctors had advised 6-9 months, a week prior, suddenly he was rushed to hospital, and died half an hour later.  I live abroad, and work as a singer. My mum called to tell me obviously distraught,  I went to work that evening, she and my uncle were all I could think about.

I finished my work and went to sit with some friends, whilst telling them about the situation (bearing in mind that this was about 1am) I saw a white feather, just floating out of the night sky, It landed in front of me on the table.


Suzanne, UK

I have always believed in angels, even more so after my dad died December 2004. I moved in with new boyfriend in Nov 2005 and was really worried about whether it was the right thing to do and if my dad would approve. That night, whilst crying into my pillow I happened to look down the side of our bed and there was a perfect white feather?? and even now... without even having to ask for help, whenever I am going through times of trouble, outside our house or in my car I find a white feather and I'm not even looking? I truly believe this is signs of my angel.


Lorraine, Wales, UK

A close and very dear friend of mine was terminally ill in hospital. On one of my many visits with him, I went outside for a smoke, the wind picked up and a white feather blew to my feet. I was thrilled to see this as I believed it meant an angel was there to look after my friend. The next day I recited The Serenity Prayer to him,he died later that day. Two days later his widow gave me a monthly magazine that he subscribed to, which had arrived that day, a month or so late, it was the December edition. And on the back page I found The Serenity Prayer, alongside a photo of a white feather on a beach, the angels were with him to help him on his way!!!


Siv Kristin, Norway

My friend sent me a song that Kiss made "I cant  stop the rain". I closed my eyes as I started to listen, and I could see a big white angel spreading his beautiful white wings around a person. I told my friend this, and he said.."Siv,this is the song I want played at my funeral"...what more can I and light to you all, Siv.


Celetine, UK

I don't remember the exact year, but I know it was when I was in about 2nd year at my high school.  Our school had a big flight of stairs in it that we all piled up and down every day to get to class.  I was walking towards the stairs with my friend, and one of the school bullies pushed me really hard.  All I remember is that I seemed to float all the way down those stairs, although I fell at the second last step.  I broke my nose and had concussion, but nothing worse than that, and my nose healed so straight that I didn't need any sort of invention to reset it.  Had I lost my balance at the top of the stairs and fallen all the way down, I could have been seriously hurt or even broken my neck or back. To this day I can think of no other explanation other than that an angel carried me down the stairs.  I am pretty certain I know his name, so I hope I may say, thank you Jared (and Jayden!)


Cathy, UK, submitted

One early autumn morning I half awoke in a dreamy state to see a man with the most piercing blue eyes looking at me from the corner of my bedroom.  My husband slumbered beside me and all I could do was look into the infinity of these blue eyes and gold hair.  When I say eyes I felt like they were infinity portals drawing me into or letting me know of a much greater wisdom and knowledge beyond our earthly realms.  The angel name Melcheseidec (sorry not sure of the spelling) kept coming into my mind, I tried to stay with this vision but slowly drifted back to sleep.  I still wonder today about my visit and definitely feel comforted that we are all connected (but not always aware) to a much greater realm of being


Jo, UK

I was traveling home from London to Devon on the train feeling very low because my partner had phoned to tell me one of our dogs who was suffering from a terminal illness was fading fast so I was desperate to get there in time to say my final goodbyes to my beloved friend.

The train was packed so I was standing squashed in a corner and in my rush I had forgotten various things including my cigarettes. Suddenly I noticed a young man beckoning to me from one of the seats and when I reluctantly walked over to him he told me that the chap sitting next to him was getting off at the next stop so why didn't I grab the seat. He then produced a pack of my brand of cigarettes from his hold all, passed them to me and started to ask why I was making the journey. We talked like old friends for the 2 hour train ride and as he got up to leave the stop before mine he again reached into his hold all, produced a miniature bottle of brandy (the only spirit I ever drink) and poured it into my coffee saying that it would give me a little strength. I never saw him again even though he had told me that he made the same journey as me on the same train every week, and I am convinced that this kind hearted stranger was an angel sent to comfort me.


Noreen, Indonesia

I was visiting the Bolok Caves outside Kupang (Island of Timor)with a group of students who choose to wander off towards the nearby sea. I, however, was far more taken with the surrounding volcanic rock and little farming huts and chose to stay behind.

As I walked around the clearing, I became aware of a presence but couldn't see anything. Turning around, I caught a glimpse of quick movement but assumed it was an animal and continued to document the site. Hearing a noise, I turned around and a young lad was behind me. Before I had a chance to think "how odd." I felt an inner plunge - like the kind when you're swinging idly on the back of a chair and it suddenly gives way - and an urge to bolt and as I did, four more faces popped up and I realised that I was about to be attacked. The vegetation was thick, I had no idea where I was going and I found myself crying out inwardly "Oh Jesus Christ (not reverently, unfortunately) where do I go?"

I was told to follow the music. Told because I certainly didn't know what I was doing and I didn't hear any voices, just felt them within. Blindly, I turned right and I'm yelling at this stage, "what f*cking music?" and was told to shut up and listen. It was conversational at this point and I was so scared I didn't have time to wonder whether I was going mad.

Suddenly I heard the strains of a radio and I picked up my pace - I could hear the snapping of vegetation to my right and left and knew that I'd was being caged but I followed it, a track appeared and I bolted into a backyard and realised I was at a house, a radio sitting on the sill merrily bleating the morning news.  An old woman welcomed me, said she'd been expecting me and tended to my shorn and bleeding feet which had been ripped scrambling over the rock.

I am without doubt that I was assisted that day. I'll never forget it which is why it remains clear even now.


Marilyn, England

A few years ago I rec'd a tel. call from a friend late at night who had missed the last bus coming home. She asked me if I would drive out to collect her and said she would be standing near a pub (name forgotten now).  Because this friend was very dear to me, I quickly grabbed my car keys and drove to that town which was about 15 miles away, but I had no idea where this pub was and remember it was late at night. 

When I arrived near the centre, all of a sudden my car stopped, panic rushed over me because I assumed that I had ran out of petrol. I looked out of the car and saw a pub in front of me and guess what? it was the pub my friend had mentioned that she would be standing outside and yes she was there too.

I quickly called my shivering and frightened friend over to the warmth of my car and told her that I had a problem with my car.  I turned the ignition and yes the engine started up - huge sign of relief.  I strongly believe that my guardian Angel or my friends played a huge part in finding this pub and stopping my engine just outside. What else could it be.


Fiona, Scotland

My daughter was moved in school beside the class bully. He wouldn't give her any chair space or desk space or share their work book with her. She was getting into trouble and humiliated by the teacher who was not aware of what was happening. She was devastated and really upset when she came home and totally despondent. I suggested that she ask her guardian angel to hold hands with the bully's angel and also the teacher's angel. I also said that I would write a letter to the teacher explaining what had happened. The next morning I didn't write that letter or feel a need to do so. she went to school and a boy that she really liked put his hand up and asked if Sarah could sit beside him again because he was fed up with his new neighbour copying him. She was moved beside him and is now happy again. Thank you to the angels who helped her. It took less than 24 hours to sort totally amazing!!!!! 


Diana, USA

Well my family isn't great. At 14 years old I have a drug addict father and a mother who doesn't care. My parents were always fighting so now they are divorced. Well we figured out that my sister had a depression problem and was bi-polar. She tried to commit suicide, but after she took all of her pills to kill herself, I suddenly saw an angel figure, then she came down and told me what happened. Now ever night I pray to god and thank him for the angels all around me and now things are looking up. We are going on a cruise and our parents are still divorced but not fighting as much.    Thank you angels


Josh, USA

I had just began meditating in my bedroom. I then called upon Metatron to help me see what was causing the negativity in my life. During my meditation I felt as if someone or something had laid their hands upon mine. I then felt a inner force go into my body. I then saw an angel. He said his name was Metatron. Him and I then discussed the negative things in my life and how I could turn them into to positive things. Right before I had stopped my meditation, Metatron said his good-byes and left. As I began opening my eyes the force on my hands was beginning to leave and I felt the presence that was inside me begin to leave also. I then blew out the candles I had lighten and as the smoke went up into the air, the smoke began to take the form of an angel looking down upon me.


Kirsty McLaran, USA

One day me and my friends were going to meet our boyfriends for dinner. We were stopped at a traffic light talking and laughing, when out of no where my friend screamed. We all turned around and saw a car coming straight for us at about 60mph. Well, there was a lady taking pictures of flowers to our left, and when the car hit, she started taking pictures of the accident. Well, miraculously, my friends and I weren't hurt at all from the impact, but the drunk was killed. When the photographs came out, there was a blurry body with wings standing next to our car.


Anon, Wirral, England

I was walking home from school. I came to a usually quiet stretch of road. I looked left and right, and listened for any sound of an approaching car; there was no sign of any car, that was until I stepped out! I have quiet slow reactions and instantly new that the step I was taking next would probably be my last, when a loud buzzing (like a bee in my ear) except for it was in both ears, distracted me! I shook my head vigorously and felt my self stumble backwards onto the pavement, as the car roared past! Let me just say the speed it was going at was way too fast for it to stop, in fact the driver didn't even swerve!

It was really weird I didn't fall backwards, almost floated! You see I'm one of those kind of people who just seem to be born clumsy! So was very surprised to find myself upright and in one piece with no bee sting in either ear, or even a slight scratch!

I must have traveled backwards for over a meter! and stepped up onto the pavement! How? Well I haven't got a scientific clue! But who/what ever saved me that day had to be an angel! Because I certainly can't float!
PS. Thanks for saving my bacon!!!


Becky, USA

My story happened when I was about 5 years old, 1968?. I was at my grandmother's house which sat at the top of a sloped front yard. I was on the porch playing with my cousins. This porch sat about 20 feet above a concrete driveway. I was leaning over the railing when someone bumped me from behind and I went over. As I went over there was an angel on either side of me and they told me to go to sleep. So I did! I never felt the impact. They were beautiful. Neither male nor female, blond hair, beautiful wings and robes of pink and blue.

Mother rushed me to the hospital and they found nothing wrong with me. No broken bones. Just a bump on my head. The only thing was that they couldn't keep me awake. Of course years later I realised that it was because my angels told me to sleep!!


Maricha, Poland

January 1975: It was an early morning, and I felt that there was an early frost on the surface of the roads, my bicycle started slipping, towards a deep gully, I begged the angels to help me, and it was as though they picked me up and threw me at the ground. I suffered severe concussion and a broken heart. This was showing me to use the word please.


Sue, England

When I left to go on holiday, I turned back to face the house and asked the angels to look after it and to keep it safe. I then looked at my car and asked 'that nobody should take it away'. On returning from a wonderful holiday I went to start my car and the battery was completely flat. I remembered what I had asked for! Yes, the angels had made sure nobody took the car away. I had a wonderful image of an angel over the car, saying to itself "well, I can either sit on this car for two weeks and keep it safe, or I can flatten the battery and go off and do something else". Be careful what you ask for - you might just get it



A couple of years ago I was driving home after a busy day. Suddenly I was confronted by a car on the wrong side of the road, coming straight for me. I swerved to avoid the head on collision, but lost control of the car. As time slowed down I had a choice - either be filled with fear or hand the situation over to the Divine. I did the latter. I came off the road, into undergrowth and trees. I didn't hit anything. Even my shopping on the rear sit remained upright! A car pulled up to help, with two burly men - both car mechanics! They attached a tow rope, pulled me out, checked my car and then accompanied me to a nearby service area, making sure I was quite safe. The car didn't even have a scratch!!. Not only had the angels stopped me crashing into a tree, but provided two human angels to make sure I was okay.


Poem by Karen Gardner, UK

What comfort bestowed on me here,
The light of the Divine shining from those pools for eyes.
The grace on the face.
On loan to me from heaven,
In the tranquility of this place.
Although around me the Tempest, roars and moans,
I will not be stirred, for when I am with thee nothing else matters.
I am safe and secure, in the warmth of my angels wings, as he and I become one - love!
The all-encompassing love that forgoes all other.


Yvonne, Kent, England

My four year old grandson was bouncing on my bed and I asked him to stop. "It's ok grandma", he said "the angels said I could do it. There are 22 of them in the room". However, he did stop bouncing. Some weeks later, I again found him bouncing on the bed, again I asked him to stop. This time he replied "There are only 21 angels here now, one has gone to be with uncle Bob".  He did not know that in fact uncle Bob was very ill at the time and he was only just learning to count and could not count up the to 22.


Nicola, UK

On the M25, good conditions, moderate traffic. Driving in the outside lane with a good 100 yards between me and a van in front of me. Suddenly the van swerved rapidly into the middle lane. In front of it was a completely stationary car, that I was heading for at great speed. I slammed on the breaks and yelled out "angels help me". I managed to stop about 6 inches from the stationery car. It was if a force field had been placed in front of me, preventing me from hitting the other car. . I glanced into the rear mirror and there was another car bearing down on me. Again I yelled "angels help". I braced myself waiting for the impact. The car skidded to a halt, swerved and stopped between my car and the crash barrier, overlapping my car by about a foot. no one was hurt. The original stationary car just drove off as if nothing had ever happened, and we continued our journeys.


Susan, UK

A truly amazing story happened to a young lady called Susan (13 years). Whilst on a family holiday, she lost her footing and fell 30 feet on to rocks. Her injuries were horrendous - shattering one leg and smashing most of the bones in her face. Remarkably she didn't have any internal injuries, or damaged spine or brain damage.  One of the first people on the scene was a German doctor, who not only had Homoeopathic remedies with him, but was also a trained Reiki practitioner. Witnesses who saw her fall, said she almost floated down. The first two weeks were touch and go, with many hours of surgery and agonising wait for the parents whilst she lay in a coma. During that time she was sent a card - a picture of an angel, but there was no writing on it. It was months later that they found out it had come from a friend in America. This angel picture stayed with Susan throughout her ordeal. At one time it was known that people in all continents (except South America) were praying for her. Her story touched the hearts of many people. Her parents were already involved in alternative medicine. Her mother as a Homeopath and father as a Reiki healer. Both were able to use their skills and help their daughter. Her father in particular has developed incredible healing skills with his Reiki as a result of this accident. Once Susan had regained consciousness,  she became the strength of the family, accepting her situation and saw them through many difficult situations. She was aware of a near death experience at the time of the fall and a being of immense light being with her regularly since that time. 


Patricia, UK

During the birth of my first grandchild, things became a little difficult and the delivery was not progressing very well.   It was a home birth and the midwife was becoming concerned and beginning to talk about arranging an ambulance to take my daughter to hospital. The midwife told my daughter to get angry with the baby and push it out in anger. "not anger!" I exclaimed, "we don't want the baby born in anger. We should ask the angels to help". The midwife looked astonished as my daughter and I prayed for the angels to come in and help. Instantly the energy in the room changed and relaxed and within a very short time my healthy grandson was born.



Green Line