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Ascended Masters A to Z

The Ascended Masters are great spiritual individuals, illumined ones that serve as teachers and helpers to the whole of humanity. The majority of them once had an embodiment upon Earth. Although many others, come from other spiritual realms and dimensions.


Commander Ashtar

Commander Ashtar is the commander of the Inter-galactic Fleet - which is stationed near the Earth.

Under his command much light is being beamed down to the earth to all of humanity.

He is also protector of our planet, with the specific mission of preventing nuclear war, which would have devastating affects on the whole universe.

He has an ascension chamber on his spaceship for those who wish to serve the planet and to progress their own ascension process.

Commander Ashtar


Djwal Khul

Also known as the Tibetan. He and Vywamus started the Tibetan Foundation.He brought Theosophy to the world along with Lord Kuthumi.

He is best known as the channel for Alice Bailey in the early 20th century.

He is the senior assistant to Lord Kuthumi and teachers many of Kuthumi's students.

Passing on great spiritual knowledge and understanding.

He knows perhaps more about the Rays, hierarchy and spiritual matters than any other.

He had a previous incarnation as one of the 3 wise men.

Djwal Khul


El Morya

El Morya is working very closely with those on earth to help us during the massive spiritual changes we are undergoing.

He works with the 1st Ray of will and power: helping us to develop these qualities from a spiritual perspective - removing our egos. He helps the world leaders to govern in fair and spiritual ways, to use God's Power in constructive ways for the benefit of all humankind.

In previous lives he brought justice and equality to the world and stood up for the word of God. Past lives include: Abraham, King Arthur and Akbar the Great. He influenced the writings of Helena Blavatski and the establishment of the Theosophical Society and later Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the Summit Lighthouse.

His main retreat is over Darjeeling, India and he also has a retreat in Yosemite, California.

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El Morya



Hilarion is the Chohan of the 5th Ray of Truth, Healing and Science. He is working to bring the New Age into being. He teachers us to use our mental powers in ever more productive ways and to control our mental bodies and thought. He guilds psychics in their spiritual development.

Known as a master physician and healer of the world.

His retreat is the Temple of Truth on the island of Crete.

Past incarnations included: High Priest in the Temple of Truth in Atlantis, working with Pallas Athena, Paul the Apostle and he built the Oracle of Delphi in Greece.



Lady Nada

Nada means 'the voice of silence'.

A beautiful ascended being,said to be the twin flame of Jesus Sananda. She pours love into the hearts of men, drawing forth the Divine Plan within each of us. She directs healing to mankind.

Lady Nada is a member of the karmic board. When she is called upon she will correct any 'abnormalities' within your being.

Her retreat is over Arabia in Saudi Arabia and she shares a retreat with Jesus Sananda over Jerusalem, Israel.

Her symbol is a pink rose, which she may place in your heart.

Lady Nada


Lord Kuthumi

World Teacher along with Sananda (Jesus). He works with spiritual teachers and students and can be called upon to assist their missions.

He has several retreats: in Kashmir, India, Shigatse, Tibet, Machu Picchu, Peru and above the Taj Mahal in India where he can be connected with to aid spiritual understanding.

Past lives include Pythagoras, the first Knights Templar, Balthazar (one of the 3 wise men) St Francis of Assisi and Shah Johan (builder of the Taj Mahal).

His mantra is "I AM Light".

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Lord Kuthumi


Lord Lanto

Chohan of the 2nd Ray of illumination and wisdom.

He can be called upon to bring Divine Wisdom into your hearts - Invoke the Golden Ray of Illumination.

He had a past life as Emperor Chan of China a time of great light and a magnificent age. He emphasised honesty and integrity amongst the people. It is said that his light shone so brightly that ordinary people could see it radiating out of his heart and solar plexus.

He has the Royal Teton Retreat, Grand Teton Mountain, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA.

Lord Lanto


Lord Maitreya

His name comes from the Sanskrit 'Maitri' meaning universal love.

He is the Planetary Christ, teacher of both Jesus and Lord Kuthumi.

He is recognised as a Buddha (en enlightened one) and works diligently behind the scenes to enlighten humanity and to bring in the age of Light.

He attained Christ consciousness many centuries ago and some believe he was also Krishna.

He has retreats over the Himalayas and over Tientsin, southeast of Beijing, China.

Lord Maitreya


Lord Melchizedek

Melchizedek means 'King of Righteousness'.

He is an ancient cosmic being, who lived on earth, but never lived or died.

He serves with great love, power and authority on a cosmic level as the Universal Logos.

Considered an equal to Archangels Michael and Metatron.

The ancient order of Melchizedek includes all those who have elected to serve, as guided by the Divine within them and who have passed through the Order's 7 initiations. The order is in charge of bringing all ancient knowledge and wisdom to the earth at this time.



Mother Mary

The Queen of the Angels. The Divine Mother.

She protects all woman and children and is known for her compassion and unconditional love.

As an Essene she was trained in the temples, to be the mother of Jesus.

Her appearances on earth have opened vortexes of energy: places where the veil to spirit is thinner.

She can bring great healing and works with a team of illumined ones to restore the divine feminine upon the earth and to empower woman everywhere.

Her main retreat is over Fatima, Portugal, shared with her twin flame, Archangel Raphael.

Past incarnations include Isis in Egypt.

Mother Mary


Paul the Venetian

Chohan of the 3rd Ray of love, adoration, creativity and compassion.

He works with people to bring beauty, symmetry and sacred geometry into their work, transmitting crystal codes into those who are receptive.

He is leading sound healing on the planet.

He has had many incarnations as great architects, artists and musicians, including an Inca artist, an Egyptian architect involved with the pyramids and Paolo Verones and Italian Renaissance painter.

His retreat is the Châteaux de Liberté in Southern France

Paul the Venetion


Quin Yin

The eastern counterpart of Mother Mary.

Known as the Goddess of Mercy.

She is the embodiment of pure compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.

She had a 1000-year incarnation in ancient China.

Her retreat is over Beijing, China.

She has a pink (inner) and violet (periphery) lotus flower as her symbol.

Quin Yin


Saint Germain

He is Chohan of the 7th Ray of transformation and is overseeing our transition into the Aquarian Age.

He can be called upon, along with the violet flame of transformation to transmute any lower vibrations or negativity into higher vibrations.

He had many famous past lives including: Joseph of Nazareth (father figure of Jesus), Merlin the Magician, Columbus, Francis Bacon, Christian Rosencrantz.

He has retreats in the Cave of Symbols at Table Mountain in the Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming USA. Mount Shasta, Northern California, USA and Rakoczy Mansion, Transylvania, Romania.

Saint Germain


Sananda (Jesus)

The most widely known and revered of the Masters.

During the last 3 years as Jesus he carried the Christ Consciousness and took his ascension upon the cross. During this time, his teacher, Lord Maitreya worked through and with him. Since then he has been Chohan of the 6th Ray of devotion and idealism, and the establishment of the Christian religion throughout the world.

Past incarnations include Troth, Adam, Enoch, Elijah, Joshua and Joseph of Egypt (multicoloured coat).

His twin flame is Lady Nada.

Their retreat is over Jerusalem, Israel.

Sanada (Jesus)


Sanat Kumara

The Regent of the Planet. He originated from Venus. He has never lived in a physical body on the earth, but he is charged with the evolution of everything and everyone: mineral, planet, animal and human.

He is in charge of the ascension process of the planet and presides over ascension initiation ceremonies in his retreat at Shambhala, Gobi desert.

He has assisted earth and humanity since the beginning of its evolution. Now he is moving from these responsibilities and returning to Venus to take up new task.

Also known as the 'Ancient of the Days' and 'The Youth of Endless Summers'.

Sanat Kumara


Serapis Bey

He is Chohan of the 4th Ray of Purity, Discipline and Harmony and it is his task to persuade people to use heir mental processes in order to ground the Will of God on the Earth.

He has a retreat over Luxor, Egypt, where anyone on the ascension path can visit and be helped on their journeys.

His past lives include Keeper of the White Flame in Atlantis, Akhenaton IV and Amenophis. He built the temple at Thebes, Egypt.

Serapis Bey


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