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The Spiritual Hierarchy

Ascended Masters that have passed through the higher initiations, hold positions of great responsibility, overseeing the earth and its growth or work on a cosmic level. And, like organisations upon the earth, change their positions from time to time, gaining 'promotions' and new opportunities for their own growth and service to humanity.

Some of the greater evolved masters, serving on a cosmic level include Maitreya, Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara, the Maha Chohan and Vywamus.

Overseeing the earth are such masters as Sananda (inner planes name for Jesus), Gautama Buddha, Lord Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, Serapis Bey, El Morya, Quin Yin, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, lady Nada and many, many others.

New ascended Masters are taking their positions all the time. Many 'ordinary' people, who are not famous in an earthly sense, pass through their 6th initiation and ascend. Of the more famous people who have ascended in recent times the following are included: Walt Disney, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, HRH Princess Diana and Pope John Paul II. They continue their learning and it may be many hundreds or thousands of years before they take on the same level of responsibility as masters such as Saint Germain.


Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth

Universal Logos
(Lord Melchizedek)
Lord Melchizedek
Regent of the World (Planetary Logos)
(Sanat Kumara)

Sanat Kumara
Lord of the World
(Gautama Buddha)

Gautama Buddha
Planetary Buddha
(Lord Maitreya)
Lord Maitreya

World Teacher
Lord Kuthumi
Lord Kuthumi   Sananda
Deputy World Teacher
(Djwal Khul)

Djwal Khul
Lord of the Seven Rays
(Maha Chohan)
no picture available
1st Ray
El Morya
2nd Ray
3rd Ray
Paul the
4th Ray
Serapis Bey
5th Ray
6th Ray
Lady Nada
7th Ray
St Germain
El Morya Lanto Paul the Venetian Serapis Bey Hilarion Lasy Nada St Germain


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