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Core Fear Matrix Removal Program

Core Fear Removal

There are only two emotions in the world: Love and Fear, all other emotions come down to one of these. Love is thinking with your Christ mind and Fear is thinking with your negative ego.

Every one has fear programming otherwise you would have moved away from the Earth by now.

The Fear Matrix Removal Program was given as a Divine dispensation from the Creator in the early 1990's. It allows the senior members of the Spiritual Hierarchy currently living on the inner planes to pull core fear patterns out of your subconscious mind and four-body system.

Removal is assisted by any of the masters working on the seven great rays, but especially by Djwal Khul and Vywamus.

Clairvoyants may see these core fear patterns as black roots with many tentacles throughout the body. As they are removed, sucked out via the crown chakra, they are completely removed from your whole soul record, including from past lives and from your soul extensions.

As they are removed it is important to replace them with core Love.

Up to 95% of your core fear can be removed, but it will return if your thoughts are constantly fear based and coming from the ego or if you do not replace the core fear with core Love.

To keep yourself clear you should think from Love and Christ energy.

Once the fear has been removed, you are in a position to make clear choices.

It may take some time to remove the majority of your fears, as the programme is also removing them from your past lives.



• Think of a fear pattern that you carry, for example: fear of failure or fear of dying.

•  Be specific and decide clearly the core fear you wish to have removed. You cannot ask, "please remove all my core fear patterns" and never ask again. You must continually work with the Masters and continually ask them to remove core fear patterns in specific areas.


Meditation to Remove a Core Fear Matrix

•  Sit comfortably, ground, protect and centre your energies.

•  Invoke your our Monad, perhaps saying the Monad Mantra:

I AM the Monad
I AM Light Divine
I AM Love
I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design

•  Invoke Djwal Khul and Vywamus or other Master you feel an affinity with. Ask them and your own Monad to remove the specific core fear pattern you have decided upon.

•  You may experience sensations of it being removed through the crown chakra or if clairvoyant, see it being removed.

•  Ask that any core fears that are removed, are replaced with core love - self-love, love of God, love of humanity. Ask the Masters and your Monad to fill you with white ascension light.

•  Return your consciousness to your physical body


Other Uses of the Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme

•  Ask every night before going to sleep for a core fear pattern to be removed.

•  Call upon the Masters to remove a core fear whenever you become aware of a fear within you. Everyday situations my trigger a fear, for example watching a television program about children may bring up a fear of rejection within you. You do not have to enter a full meditative state.

•  Request to be signed up officially for the Spiritual Hierarchy's Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme. Once you have signed up on the inner plane, they will work on you on an ongoing basis without you even having to ask.

•  The Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme is also effective in removing any implants or psychic attachments from the being as well as removing fears. Spend some time working to remove fears first, before asking for psychic attachments to be removed.

•  Service work: Ask that a core fear be also removed from the collective consciousness of humanity and / or from the subtle bodies of the Earth. Remember to replace it with core Love.

Information compiled from various texts of Joshua Stone



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