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The higher the vibrations we reach in our meditations, the more important it is to remain grounded and be able to ground ourselves when needed. We must be able to ground the light or it can’t be used. We need to be connected to the earth and allow earth energies to flow through us, so we don’t drift off to other realms without control and / or allow unwanted energy to enter our energy fields.

Life’s events can cause us to become ungrounded, for example a shock sends our subtle bodies out of alignment with our physical vehicle.

Some people have never been fully in their bodies, possibly due to a difficult birth or event when they were in the womb. Clairvoyants have seen that even Light Workers are frequently out of their bodies when not in meditation.

Repeated meditations in a short period of time make it more difficult to return to the earth.

If ungrounded we may feel sick, dizzy, spaced out or faint, headachy, panicky, vagueness, disorientation, pale and a general feeling of being ‘unwell’. Also ‘living in your head’ too much – too many thoughts, fears, worries and lack of connection with yourself and others.

If you are very ungrounded you may not be able to recognize it yourself and may need input from others to help you back. There are many ways to help ground ourselves:

•  Stamp feet, clap hands.

•  Stretching, dancing, walking, movement.

•  Any contact with the earth or water e.g. walk bare foot on the earth, gardening, swimming, washing hands, splash water on the face, shower, bath.

•  Stand without shoes (preferably bare foot) and slowly rock back and forwards.

•  Imagine roots coming from your feet going deep into the earth.

•  Image a column of red light going from your body into the earth.

•  Increase your rate of breathing and be aware of the in and out breaths.

•  Tap the edge of your hands below the little finger.

•  Breathe earth energy from the ground through your feet, up the left leg and back to the earth through the right leg.

•  Think of your fingers and toes as being magnetised. The astral body will be drawn to them, centre and anchor by the magnetic pull, like iron fillings being attracted to a magnet.

•  Close down your chakras, from top to bottom. Imagine them closing like a flower bud. Then seal with a protective symbol such as a cross of light within a circle of light or religious protective symbol important to you.

•  Contract the aura. Imagine that your aura is like a balloon. As you breathe out imagine the balloon contracting with each breath.

•  Thymus Gland tap: tap gently on the mid chest in a circular motion. Go up on the left side and down on the right. This helps balance all the energy meridians in the body.

•  Take Rescue Remedy or similar emergency essence or homoeopathic Arnica.

•  Eat, especially carbohydrates and sugars. Drink tea or coffee.

•  Use sesame oil and nutmeg oil.

•  In extremes: soak in a warm bath, aspirin and sleep.

•  To help someone else: place your hands on their feet – this helps bring down the energies. Or place hands on their shoulders, this opens the chakras in the feet, allowing earth energy to flow into them.


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