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Camino: Useful Information

Pilgrim Passports

In order to obtain a certificate in Santiago de Compostela on completing the Camino you need a pilgrim's passport. This is stamped every day by the albergue (refugio) you stay in and acts as proof of your journey.

You can obtain a blank passport from many of the larger, more popular refugios along the route. Or they are available in the UK from the Confraternity of Saint James, but you have to become a member first. Their contact details are below.

My passport entries can be viewed on by clicking HERE.



Confraternity of Saint James:

London based organisation. Sells many guide books and has leaflets with useful advice. Holds pilgrim days, where you can ask questions etc. or telephone Tel: (+44) (0)20 7928 9988


Web sites A vast amount of very useful information. Web site of a guy called Grant Spangler - he has walked the Camino several times. This web site contains a great deal of practical information e.g. the weather Weather for the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago Camino Language  Music Camino Spirituality (mainly catholic, not alternative spirituality). Camino Video A great deal of useful information e.g. accommodation, profiles of the route etc. (You may need to click the translate button at the top) Very useful site, with a vast amount of information. Has a forum, with all manner of questions. You need to register with the site to use the forum. Very useful for all the up-to-date infomation eg news, security, latest list of albergues etc.



The Confraternity of Saint James can supply many guidebooks for the various different routes. Check out their web site

When I walked the Camino in 2005 I used: A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Francés by John Brierley. Camino Guides, Findhorn, 2006.
317 pp.£16.99. I used the older edition, which has now been updated. (New editions seem to be published every year). This seems to be a generally accepted very good guide. But I have heard complaints that some of the distances mentioned are not very accurate.

He has also written: A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Finisterra by John Brierley. Camino Guides, Findhorn, 2003. 93 pp. £9.95


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