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Who are the Ascended Masters?

Commander Astar Djwal Khul El Morya Hilarion Lady Nada Lord Kuthumi Lord Lanto Maitreya Melchizedek Mother Mary Paul the Venetian Quin Yin St Germain Sananda Serapis bey Sanat Kumar

Please see Masters A to Z for information on the individual masters

The Ascended Masters are great spiritual individuals, illumined ones that serve as teachers and helpers to the whole of humanity. The majority of them once had an embodiment upon Earth. Although many others, come from other spiritual realms and dimensions. When in a physical incarnation upon earth, they gained mastery over the limitations of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. They balanced a minimum of 51% of their karma and fulfilled their Divine Plan (Dharma) on earth. On passing through their 6th spiritual initiation, they became carriers of pure unconditional love and merged with their Monads (their own God Self, the "I AM Presence").

In times past it was necessary to physically 'pass over' and die before one was able to take the 6th initiation, for example, Jesus, The Christ, ascended upon the cross. Now, with huge increases in the spiritual vibration of the earth, it is possible to ascend whilst still remaining in a physical incarnation. At this point the circle of death and rebirth is completed and the spirit is given the choice of remaining in service to humanity whilst remaining in a physical body or to assist from the inner planes of the spirit world.

Once ascended that is not the end of their spiritual development. The ascended masters continue their learning and own evolution, taking further initiations on a cosmic level. Joshua David Stone in his excellent discourses suggest that even the most powerful, evolved masters, are only one inch up a ten inch ruler, in terms of their spiritual development.


Working with the Ascended Masters

Whenever a master is called upon and asked to draw close they will do so, even if you do not see, hear or sense them. Trust that they are close to you.

•  Ask the master to fill you with their qualities or to help you to develop those aspects within your self.

•  Ask that master to be with another, for example ask Mother Mary to be with your children when they are away from home.

•  Still yourself, in meditation, perhaps with calm music and a candle and ask for a particular master to draw close. Be receptive to any messages or inspiration you may receive.

•  Work with a master of your choice to develop part of your spirituality.

•  Be aware of a particular master wishing to work with you to assist with a particular divine mission.

•  Have pictures of the masters on your altar or in you room, bringing their energy in at all times.

•  In meditation or on retiring at night, ask to be taken to an etheric retreat of the master of your choice, to work with you for your healing and spiritual evolution.


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